Cosmetic Dentistry in Rockville, MD

Cosmetic Dentistry in Rockville, MD

When someone wants to improve the appearance of their smile, they may visit our cosmetic dentist at Rockville Dentistry Plus to learn what options are available to them. The dentist may suggest that the patient undergo teeth whitening and veneers or have their teeth straightened with braces, clear aligners, or a retainer. These treatments are designed to improve a person’s appearance by making them look younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments


Cosmetic bonding is used to improve the appearance of teeth that are cracked, chipped, discolored, or misshaped. During your in-office visit, your dentist will apply tooth-colored composite resin material to your tooth’s surface and then shape it as needed. The resin is then hardened using a special light, leaving you with a brighter and more attractive smile.

Dental Veneers

Sometimes, one cosmetic dental treatment can dramatically improve your smile’s appearance. Porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile options for cosmetic dentistry because they treat various issues at the same time. Veneers are thin shells bonded to the front of your teeth to cover imperfections and reshape the appearance of your smile.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that fits over the entire visible portion of a tooth above the gum line. Dental crowns are designed to strengthen teeth damaged from large cavities, trauma to the mouth, fractures, and even severe enamel erosion. They can also improve the appearance of discolored, chipped, or broken teeth. 

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Increased Confidence

When your smile is healthy and free of cosmetic flaws, you feel more confidence in yourself. On the other hand, if your smile is flawed and damaged, you may not feel comfortable showing it off to others or even engaging in social interactions or professional opportunities. A cosmetic dentist can help improve the appearance of your teeth so that you can feel confident in every situation. In addition to improving your confidence, cosmetic dentistry can also help improve your overall quality of life by enabling you to speak confidently and eat the foods you love.

Better Oral Health

Other benefits of cosmetic dentistry include better oral health and a more attractive smile. Several cosmetic dental treatments, such as dental bonding and crowns, can help improve your oral health by repairing weakened teeth and protecting them from further damage. Many patients also choose porcelain veneers or Lumineers for aesthetic reasons since they can cover up many smile flaws, including chips and cracks in your teeth. 

Patients interested in cosmetic dentistry, visit Rockville Dentistry Plus at 152 Rollins Ave #204, Rockville, MD, or call 240-669-8268 to schedule a consultation with the dentist to learn more about available options to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

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